“ Being able to pass on my experience and see progress in people is something I enjoy “

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My name is Sebastian Jimenez. Welcome to THE SURFSKATE ACADEMY

Since I was a child and all throughout my adolescence, skateboarding was my passion. My twin brother and I spent all day on a skateboard and the fact that we were twins and that we were both very good made us more competitive, which helped us go far. We both became recognised skaters with sponsors like VANS, magazine appearances, and lots of good competition results. From a very young age, I was always a bit obsessed with observing my own technique and that of others. I realized that I had talent but if I really wanted to go far I had to be able to understand when I made mistakes in my technique, and at the same time know how to understand biomechanics in order to correct them.

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I developed a great ability to observe and understand how to achieve the movements. This observation skill became a habit and became part of my daily life both with the sport and with myself. My interest in body language became part of my profession as a lifeguard. During my almost 20 years of profession on the beaches of the Atlantic, Pacific and Mediterranean, knowing how to observe people's body language helped me to be able to identify vulnerable swimmers long before the water reached their knees. All of this I have also applied to surfing from day one.

I have worked as a surf instructor and surf coach for years in surf schools in Europe, Central America and South America. Being able to pass on my experience and see progress in people is something I really enjoy. I have had good results in competitions and have been a sponsored surfer for several years now. I have lived in Edinburgh, Scotland for 5 years and my profession as a surf coach and surf advisor is growing more and more.


I have been very interested in the surfskate training format for several years and I have verified that the results are immediate. Scotland has very good waves but there is a lack of consistency and the cold weather could often make us stay at home. Surfskate training courses are ideal for all skill levels of surfers but without a doubt the benefit for Scottish surfers is even greater!